Apartment Unit Upgrades & Renovation

Apartment Unit UpgradesAt Allan Dorney Construction, we’ve provided apartment unit upgrades for over a decade. This type of commercial renovation has been a large part of our business for quite some time. We have good relationships with many multi-family property owners throughout the Twin Cities area, and we’d love to learn more about your apartment construction needs. Reach out to us today to set up a time for one of our commercial project managers to walk your property and give you some ideas about how you can increase your property value and rental income through property improvements.

Updating Apartments for Higher Rental Value

Multifamily housing markets have been increasing steadily in recent decades. One reason is that property owners and managers realize they can improve their properties’ functionality and aesthetics by updating and renovating common spaces, amenities, and individual apartment units.

In today’s world, people are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet. They can easily access information through mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Apartments are no exception. People are moving towards smaller apartments because they do not require as much living space. Tenants are willing to compromise on the size of the kitchen or bathroom in exchange for larger community amenities. Apartments building owners realize they need to invest in more modern, community-based amenities such as Wi-Fi connectivity, USB charging points, and even cafe areas for remote work.

Improved Amenity Spaces

As apartment owners look to differentiate themselves from competitors, they’re investing in other amenities, such as rooftop decks. Rooftop deck space is highly sought after by tenants who want outdoor living spaces with amenities like outdoor kitchens, grilling stations, big-screen TVs, and comfy furniture. Fitness centers are also trendy amenities that seem to be enjoyed by residents and have evolved from just workout spaces into facilities that include classes for weight lifting, cardio, and even wellness.

Open Concept Apartment Renovations

The open concept apartment is a popular design for many reasons. It offers the best of both worlds, with an open floor plan and the ability to enjoy natural light from large windows. Below are some of the benefits of this type of renovation to help you understand how the Allan Dorney Construction team can help you improve your property’s overall value and functionality.

Benefits of Open Concept Apartment Renovations

1) Increased Property Values: When a property owner decides to convert an apartment building into an open concept layout, they realize increased value is associated with the project. An open-concept apartment has a higher resale value than a traditional one.

2) More Perceived Space: While the square footage may not change, creating an open-concept apartment gives the illusion of a larger space. This can be enticing for tenants looking to have an apartment that looks and feels larger than it is.

3) Improved Functionality: With an open-concept apartment, you can create a functional living area with a dining table, sofa, TV, and entertainment system. In addition, kitchen islands and other amenities can be added that are typically not found in apartments.

4) Better Layout: An open-concept apartment allows the owner to place all appliances and cabinets within easy reach. This makes cooking easier and faster and provides a more advantageous layout for entertaining.

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Don’t hesitate to contact Allan Dorney Construction today if you think your apartment complex could benefit from an apartment renovation. We’ll be happy to show you some of the apartment renovations we’ve completed recently so you can get some ideas about how your property can be transformed. Call us today at (763) 220-3907 to speak with someone from our Twin Cities office.

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